Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waiting ..wishing...Hoping

I am Re-Decorating the townhouse already and I realllllllyy want this:::::

It is at Bed Bath and Beyond.. We have gift cards fromt the wedding to there.... all three peieces are 139.00... which I have checked around is a GREAT price.... they have the same exact set at World market for 299.00

I just want one of the 20 percent off coupons Bed Bath and BEyond so freely hands out in the mail or in the newspaper... so I am waiting and wishing because it is 40 bucks over our gift cards... I cant wait til I get that piece of Blue paper in my mailbox that says 20 percent off at Bed Bath and Beyond then Matt and I will have a trip to columbus to make :))

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Cody & LaRae Davenport said...

There is a 20% off coupon in this month's Real Simple! :)