Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 pictures and lots of fun

This past weekend we went to Karen and Jakes wedding it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GORGEOUSSSSSSS!!!! we had such a great time we got in late Friday to David and Amy's and had so much fun watching the end of slumdog millionaire ( a great movie by the way that you must go see RIGHT NOW!) and hanging out then saturday the boys woke up and played ball while amy and I hung out walking the neighborhood and shopping... then we all ended up at the Track meet at Jackson Prep to cheer on some of David's players... and then the WEDDING!!!! not to mention the late night stop at MAtt's favorite ice cream shop that is only in Mississippi BOPS!!! he loves that place!!! and we eneded the weekend with a great service at Pinelake and then a cookout with Bray and Sally and the HOrners!!! we had suchhhhhhhhhh a good time!!! How awesome it is to have such great Friends!!!
on the road again!! Kiss for the road and he's lovin it!!!
WHAT?!?!...only in Alabama....

Our only picture the whole weekend

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One of Matt's Players Cameron Williams was the
at Sherwood this year!!! WHAOOOO

He was also just offered a spot on the team at Atlanta Christian College and Brewton Parker College and Clearwater Christian College also have him on their radar!!

We are so so proud!!!

AND I am soo soo proud of Matt having a hand in Cameron's life and driving him to go look at all of these colleges!! I am married to one fabulous man!
Romans 13:14 (The Message)
11-14But make sure that you don't get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-by-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off, oblivious to God. The night is about over, dawn is about to break. Be up and awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing touches on the salvation work he began when we first believed. We can't afford to waste a minute, must not squander these precious daylight hours in frivolity and indulgence, in sleeping around and dissipation, in bickering and grabbing everything in sight. Get out of bed and get dressed! Don't loiter and linger, waiting until the very last minute. Dress yourselves in Christ, and be up and about!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


GOOO FASTTTT visit one of these stores and get a discount or a freebie!!!

McCormick & Schmick's diners will get a $10.40 certificate for future use. There'll be $15 to $20 entrees discounted to $10.40.
The P.F. Chang's chain is keeping it simple with a 15% discount for folks who dine at its 193 restaurants on Wednesday.
•Free ice cream. MaggieMoo's Ice Cream and Treatery will give away single-scoop servings to customers at 200 stores in what it calls an "e-cone-omic ice cream stimulus package."
•Free sweets. Snack chain Cinnabon will give out Tax Day Bites, free bite-size cinnamon rolls usually known as Classic Bites, from 5 to 8 p.m. at its 700 outlets on tax day.
•Free tacos. At its 275 restaurants in the West, Taco Del Mar will run a promotion: "Taxes Suck. Tacos Don't." People can register at the Taco Del Mar website for an e-mailed coupon for a free tax day taco.
•Free gift cards. T.G.I. Friday's will give Wednesday customers $5 Bonus Bites gift cards for food and beverage purchases of $15 to $25 and $10 cards for those who spend more than $25. Members of the 1,000-outlet chain's frequent-customer program also will get double points.
  • Chick-Fila if you save your receipt from today's purchase you can go back on April 30th and get the same exact food for FREE!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


We are leaving right now!!! whaoooooooo