Thursday, March 26, 2009

Honey can you .....

I think this is the cutest thing ... I found it on this blog flip flops and applesauce

here is the link to print off the pages for your honey :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This past Saturday Anna Marie had a Lingerie shower and I went with Debbie.... what a funnnn time we had!!!

Here are the two things I got her and both have matching panties....
All of her Lingerie... wont alan be sooo excited !!:)


We found a wish bone and then one night we both made a wish and I WONNNNN!!!

but the funny thing is we both had the same wish :)- Ill keep you updated if it comes true!!


We went away this past sunday monday and tuesday to a Inn in Tennessee we had sooooooooooooooo much fun!!!

We left after church on sunday... Matt is going crazy with excitement!!
We are ready for another great weekend together!!!

Kiss for the road

ATLANTAAAA we were sooo excited to be in a big city... Matt hadnt seen one since Christmas!



When you get there you drive through the "entrance barn" ... everything there is like a movie set perfect and beautiful!!!
you check in at the little red school house
View from our 1,000 sq foot room !!!

Our bed

View at sunset
We had dinner in our room the first night so we could watch the NCAA tournament...

After breakfast we went on a hike

we could chose between a 2 mile hike or a 4 mile hike... we actually ended up doing both!


Little to my knowledge matt is quite the cattle whisperer.... they had a good conversation...

then we hiked down to the lake.... it was sooo beautiful!!!

Dinner in the inn.... we were the last couple standing... guess all the old couples that were there couldnt hang with us... we had soo much fun talking and laughing after everyone left... we had to stay for dessert and coffee!!

as usual i woke up super early our last morning and I saw this beauuutiful sky just before sunrise... had to snap a picture!


Kiss for the road!
Matt loved the room! we were in the cardinal suite... and boy did they find every cardinal decoration ever invented!!! it was cute
door to our farmhouse!
the chapel and another pretty building

were we stayed- THE FARMHOUSE


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is Matt ready to get away for the weekend soooo excited to finally be going on our Christmas trip... we rented a cabin on Cold mountain as our Christmas Gift to each other
OUR CABIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt is super strong

our address!! 417

Breakfast on the deck!!! we only got to do this Friday morning it rained the rest of the weekend

THE VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to go on a hike that morning around the cabin....

Matt is a beast!!!

The hooks got in town Friday night and we went to dinner at the most fabulous restaurant in the whole world SWEET ONION!!!! sorry i forgot to take pics at dinner
THE WEEKEND WAS FULLL OF GUY TIME!!! i was sooo glad phil and laura got to come for the weekend!! Matt and Phil are basically brother and I had such a good time getting to know Laura better!!!

Morning we left

Kiss for the road!!!
on the way home we went to JCREW these were our faces pulling into the outlet center we were sooooo excited ... ok so Matt was playing around but still he was excited I got a shirt for 8 bucks!!! :)

We had sooo much fun!!!....