Friday, August 29, 2008


We are off to Jackson Mississippi tomorrow for Labor Day Weekend....

We are going to visit Matts good friends Dave and Amy Horner.... I cant wait Matt and I drove around Jackson after a wedding we went to in Mississippi over the summer... Matt loves Missisippi because he spent 5 years there.... we are waking up tomorrow morning SUPER DEE DUPER early!!!

Pictures will be up when we get back.... I got a new camera charger FINALLLLYYYY


Matt and I both fell asleep last night in front of the TV watching the USC game... I guess we exerted all of our energy in our excitement of what all began last night... We both LOVE LOVE LOVE College Football.... We are going to the Florida State game nest Saturday WHOO WHOO


Yes College football began last night and we will all be awaiting to see who will be in the BCS Bowl games but that is not the BCS I am talking about.....

This past Sunday my brother Dan and his wife Nancy had their first baby.... BENIAH CHARLES SCHUESSLER

I am so excited for them I couldnt think of two better parents and two more deserving people...

Of course Beniah will be raised with hopes of being a FLORIDA GATOR fan.... and in lieu of College Football Kickoff weekend I cant help but think that my cute little nephew will spend his Saturday Mornings in the fall doing the gator chomp ( even though Matt is a Florida State fan)...

Love you Dan and Nan... CONGRATS!!!