Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Townhome Tour 2...The Family Room

OUR COUCH!!!...First Bought by Rick and Carrie... They gave it to my Dad and he handed it to us.... We will then hand it to our children... haha just kidding We do love this couch though! ThanksRick and Carrie and DAD!

Matt bought me this chair for my birthday and it is a perfect addition to our home !
TV!!! I think at this time I was watching HGTV but I was home alone... usually it is espn or house which I LOVE!

Monday, October 27, 2008

1st Annual Ruta Pumpkin Carving Party

Last Saturday Night we had the First Annual Ruta Pumpkin Carving Party... We had some food fun and pumpkin cutting :)

Here is our Fall Entrance Way still needing some work....
Here we are all cutting away at the pumpkins and scooping out the inside ... The boys all cut the tops off and the girls scooped out the inside...
Jessica and Matt Sheets just moved here from Orlando too!! Matt teaches at the School and they are both in our sunday school class... here Jessica is scooping away and matt is making sure she gets it all out... the boys would take some time to watch the ohio state penn state game periodically...
Anna Marie and Alan both work at the school too... they just started dating... the kids tease them just like Matt and I got teased we can definitely reminsce our dating relationship around them.. they are tons of fun to hang out with!
Matt was our Master Carver... We both wanted to have out fair share at monogramming our beautiful pumpkin I think Matt did a great job!!!..Something about a guy and a knife...
TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! A ruta halloween....
All of us together! we had our neighbor take the picture..sorry Matt Sheets
that your head is cut off...


When Matt and I were dating we ate sushi quite a bit... WE LOVEDDD going out for sushi :)...We would try different places..our top choice became Fuji Sushi... Well we hadnt yet ventured into Albany for Sushi... until Friday night we went on a date and found our favorite sushi bar ever!! We had soo much fun together Friday night it had been a while since we had been on a date just the two of us....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

no phone

So apparently you can't leve your phone in a car when it gets to be 40 degrees at night...something about condensation from the coldness kills the phone like dropping it in a pool... so Matt and I have been phoneless since Monday

Tonight we get our PHONE!! HALLELUIJAH!!!


So Stephanie asked for an update about the fake yet healthy Pumpkin pie...

I LOVE IT!! it is sooo unbelievably yummmyy!!

HOWEVER... If I made it again I would only use the whip cream on top not in the "pumpkin batter" it is very "soupy" and not "piey" and I think this would help the batter be more dense liek real pumpkin pie :)

This yummy pie helps you enjoy the holidays without the calories!!
Here is the evidence of our love for the pie:::

Townhome tour...THE KITCHEN

So many of my family and friends have been wanting to see our beautiful new town home....
I will start a little tour for ya'll.... Here is the KITCHEN.. one of my favorite places in the whole townhome:)
EATING IN??:::::

SO THATS THE KITCHEN... come back later for another room of the Ruta Estate :)

UPDATE ON MATT::::: He went to see the trainer at school and he said that he just strained something... he is doing much better Mr. Ace Bandage is no longer needed at this time :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what is this a picture of?!?! The newest addition to our home...

Matt pulled something in his leg last night at Flag Football... I was sitting there talking with a friend and all of a suden Matt was on the ground yelling.... OH gosh...
so now my new job is nurse Ruta...updates to come

Monday, October 20, 2008


SO I LOOOOOVEEEE PUMPKIN PIE... It is my Third favorite Dessert..

Carrot Cake being the top fav in a close second is APPLE PIE/CRISP/BETTY/COBBLER

THEN.... my third love is PUMPKIN PIE

Last night I made an easy, quick, no bake, healthy, fake version of pumpkin pie::

1 can of pumpkin pie

1 big tub of fat free cool whip

2 tablespoons of PUMPKIN PIE SPICE

1 -4serving box of instant fat free pudding

1 1/4 cups of fat free milk

1 reduced fat graham cracker pie crust

whip togther spice, milk and pudding then mix in pumpkin fold in whipped cream ( half the tub)

pour mixture into pie crust top with the rest of whipped cream and place in fridge to set

Matt and I will try it after dinner tonight and tell you how fake it tastes


It was my Nephews Birthday SATURDAY!!!!... Charlie Turned the BIG FOURRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! He had a fun party that unfortunately Matt and I had to miss out on.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE FROM AUNT NAT-NAT and UNCLE MATT!!!!

She was Hook-ed by his good looks

We had sooo much fun in TAMPA this weekend!! we went to Matt's Childhood Best friend PHIL HOOK's wedding!! IT WAS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love going to weddings because it helps me reminisce our beautiful day!!Here are pictures fromthsi weekend...

Matt and I at the Wedding
Mr and Mrs Hooks
At the Rehearsal.. BRIDEand GROOM and MIKEY


We got back around 430 Sunday night and CRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a fun weekend!!


This is the VEGAS LOUNGE.... it says it on the door but it is hard to read... on the side of the road in GEORGIA... hilarious!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Matt and I will hit the road again tomorrow morning... Matt has practice 6-8 AM!!!! and then we will leave after his practice and go to Tampa!!!
Matts childhood Best Friend Mr Philip Hooks is going to get married!!!!!!!!! It feels like just last weekend Matt and I were here..................

We are so happy for Phil and Laura and are excited to shar in this LIfe changing wonderful event!!!

So with that being said I would be blogging all weekend !!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well Matt had fall break this past weekend and we had thought about getting together with some friends at his aunt and uncles cabin in Alabama... but that didnt work out so instead I suggested a trip home....
It was such an EVENTFUL TRIP !!!
We left here thursday night after Matts Practice and got in to Momma and Poppa Schuess's house around 10 ate dinner and then CRASHED!!!
We woke up Friday and took Matt to an Ole Apopka Establishment... ROBINSONS... it is a greasy spoon breakfast joint I went to almost every Friday morning with the other cheerleaders and football players.
We all had a yummy breakfast to prepare for our BUSY DAY AT DISNEY!!

We began the Day at Animal Kindgom...We rode the SAFARI

Then Matt and I rode Mount Everest

We ended the Disney day at MGM Studios... Matt and I rode our favorite ride Rockin Roller Coaster and we went to the Indian Jones Show ... Such a great time!

What could be better than DISNEY????

APOPKA FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We drove from disney to Wekiva High school to watch the two Apopka Teams battle it out for the Mayors Cup. Rick and Carrie met us there with the kids and we had sooo much fun! This was matts first Apopka Game Ever!! We is now a Blue Darter Believer! :) I love how I have converted him!!

Saturday Morning Rick Carrie and the Kids met us at mom and dad's and we went to the Winter Park Art Festival.

Saturdya was filled with shopping with mom and then Matt met us back at the house and we all stuffed ourselves with yummy football food and watched Florida beat up on LSU!!

Sunday we went to Westpoint the church Matt and I went to in ORLANDO... we miss it sooo much we had developed so many deep relationships there and we were so tight with many of the people there! It was great to see Jen and Jason since they invested so much in our relationship and get to talk with them one on one they completely stopped what they were doing when we got there and spent time talking with us!

Then we met Matts Parents at SEASONS 52!!!!!!!!!!! They are always sooooooooooo kind to take us to our very favorite restaraunt!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE SEASONS!!! We had yumm yummy food and much better company!!

Then we crasehd at the RUtas until matt went to Play ball and his mom and I went out shopping (FUN FUN FUN)!!... When we got back we had a ring on the telephone of matt saying ten guys were coming over to hang out and watch football... OH GOSHHHHH we got our party hats on and Susan had all the party essentials right there in her home she is such a great little hostess!!! We made BROWNIES for susan to later put together yummy yummy brownie sundaes for everyone... we pulled out salsa hummus and a whole gammat of chips!! We included grapes for the healthy eaters ( the girls) and oatmeal cookies... then we called up PAPA JOHNS to complete the party!! It was such a fun time to see everyone It was so sweet of the rutas to let all of Matts buddies come over HE HAD A FUN TIME!!

Monday morning before we left ma treated us to a yummy FIRST WATCH breakfast... My favorite breakfast place and I miss it... FIRST WATCH YOU NEED TO COME TO ALBANY!!!!!!!!!!!

WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... that was suuuuuch a busy busy weekend but so much fun with friends and family!!

We are so grateful for our wonderful parents that will always give us a comfy bed with clean sheets and a hot shower and yummy yummy meals when we need a little vaca!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bon Appetite


The Camera is DEAD as a door nail.... I went to take pictures Friday night and tried to turn on the camera nothing just a black screen and a sad face on me.... the boys were glad though ( they think I am crazy when I start snapping away) Matt and I took his two new transfers to the football game with us Friday night.... It was in Macon a 2 hour drive... we went to a B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L brand spankin new shoppin center there so Matt could get measured for his tux.... I wanted to peek my head in DSW but no chance we had to grab some dinner and head to the game.... after eating at Jocks and Jills ( a cute sports bar) we headed to the field to watch our team lose pretttyy badly... :/

Saturday and Sunday were pretty uneventful so this post has no pictures... sorry...

BUUUUTTT I was thinking of what to post and I thought I would post the menu for the week ....

Saturday night we had A tomato Basil and Mozarella Pizza on Publix Wheat Pizza Dough YUMMMYYYY

Sunday night we had pumpkin Soup and Blue Cheese Walnut and Apple Salads.... It was a Fall Celebration :)

Tonight is Hamburgers with homemade Potato Chips and Grilled Zuchinni

Tomorrow will be Rosemary and Garlic Pork Loin with Roasted Apples and Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday night will be Chicken Parm with Spagetti Squash


Cant wait for such a fun weekend!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

H20+Vitamins = Help with No Coffee Challenge

So this is day 3 out of 14 days.... yesterday I seriously felt like a recovering drug addict... it was bad completely lethargic....headache... it was bad... I even went to bed at 820 last night...

Today though I woke up in such a great mood.... dont know what it is I dont know if day 2 was just a hill I had to climb or what I still crave coffee... it kills me that my sad little coffee machine is empty and that I walk by the "coffee closet" at work with out even peering in... but my new stand by is vitamin water.... We got a new case from sams the other day and Matt read on the bottom that you should drink a certain one at certain times of the day he believes it really works.... ENERGY is my favorite :) ... today all that is left is power has a bad aftertaste but hey it helps !!