Thursday, October 2, 2008

H20+Vitamins = Help with No Coffee Challenge

So this is day 3 out of 14 days.... yesterday I seriously felt like a recovering drug addict... it was bad completely lethargic....headache... it was bad... I even went to bed at 820 last night...

Today though I woke up in such a great mood.... dont know what it is I dont know if day 2 was just a hill I had to climb or what I still crave coffee... it kills me that my sad little coffee machine is empty and that I walk by the "coffee closet" at work with out even peering in... but my new stand by is vitamin water.... We got a new case from sams the other day and Matt read on the bottom that you should drink a certain one at certain times of the day he believes it really works.... ENERGY is my favorite :) ... today all that is left is power has a bad aftertaste but hey it helps !!


Cody & LaRae Davenport said...

Those are so good!!

brianandsallyray said...

Hey Natalie!!

I hope all is well for you guys. I didnt know yall had a blog! So do we!! Brian thinks it is stupid but oh well I think it is fun! Anyways, ours is! Check it out!!
I hope we can see yall soon!!!