Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yesterday was absolutely CRAZZYYY and it was the first day on the nooo coffee challenge... we got up at 5 and Matt had men's fraternity... worked all day then I worked out while Matt had Basketball practice then we headed out to the upper campus for some Flag football Matt is on a team with his Sunday School class... They are the very original GRAY team :) I was out there cheering him on... the only wife that was doing that it was funny everyone got a good laugh out of us even the ref gave me a penalty :) Here are some pictures from our night... Oh I forgot to tell you they won 42 -0

Matt is on the right with his hands up.... Catch it Baby :))

Matt is furtherest right

Matt is furthest Left

Kyle and Matt kyle also played college ball and we get along really well with Him and his wife courtney...
Matt had 4 touchdowns for the night :)) I left such a proud wife!!

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nancy said...

I love your blog!! I'm becoming a daily're off coffee...and I'm on your blog! I love all the photos and stories, it seems like you guys are having so much fun and creating so many great memories! Love ya!