Monday, June 29, 2009


On the bus to go see the fireworks... the night of the rehersal dinner
in the rain watching FIREWORKS( matt was excited)



the carriage!!!!!!!!!!!!

the bride and groom had a coregraphed dance it was sooo cute

the cake!!!!!! GORGEOUS

ended the weekend at the farmers market!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


FRILLS FLUFF AND TRUCKS is a great blog!!! She is having a contest to win a $25.00 gift card to TJ MAXX my ALLL TIMEEEE favorite store!!! I would spend that 25 bucks sooo well!!!


I got this$300.00 Laundry by Shelli Segal Dress for only TWENTY DOLLARS!!!!! I wore it to my husbands best friends wedding!!! I am wearing it this weekend for the DISNEY WEDDING!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!
THIS IS WHY I LOOOOOOVEEEEE TJ MAXX!!!! because they have such GREAT deals on designer frocks! I usually go to allof our boutiques in town just to see what they have then try to find a similar item at TJ MAXX!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Birthday

I had suuuuuchhhh a wonderful BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks to all of my family and friends for the gifts and showers of love!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALLLL!!! Pictures from Mexican last night... this is a true sacrifice of my husband as mexican is not too sweet to his belly!! :(

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this precious boy

Me and Jenny with Kaleb

So I basically have great friends from High school ... JUFE ... :) hahaha yes I have such grea great girlfriends and we still see each other to this day between teaching, working, husbands and babies we still have time for each other.... well this is now the 6th child in the bunch... KALEB MICHAEL BIELSKI and he is a cutie at that!!!

I had made plans to go see him this past weekend and when the Valdosta State Basketball Camp was canceled Matt came too!! We had sooo much fun ... Friday night Matt went to TFA to catch up with everyone and Mom and I saw Hes Just Not That Into You.... then Saturday Mom took me shopping for my birthday and I got some of the greatest deals EVER!!! we had so so much fun... while we were there Matt found his favorite game of all times... Mexican Dominoes or something like that HE LOOOVEESS IT! ha... and then that night Rick Carrie and the kids came over for steaks that Matt grilled ( he did an awesome job)!! Sunday we went to church with the Rutas and then finally made our way over to see precious Kaleb!!


we will be in town yet again next week for the Tomlinson wedding extravaganza OH HOW MUCH FUN!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


...Pictures to come soon of Yesterday's trip to WILD ADVENTURES...


Today... Albany State Basketball Camp starts...3 Games tonight

Tomorrow...Albany State Basketball Camp ...4 Games

Sunday... REST :)

Monday NIght ... Albany Tech Basketball Camp ... 3 GAMES

Tuesday Night .... Albany Tech Basketball Camp ... 3 GAMES


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here is the grill I got Matt for his BIRTHDAY!!! He loved it he was sooo soo surprised... I had it hiding on the back patio and told him I didnt get him a gift until he open the patio door and SURPRISEEEEE

HE LOVESS IT!!! He will be a grilling machine :)

Matts Birthday Extravaganza

Yesterday was Matts Birthday!!! We had sooo much fun.... he opened all of his presents at lunch time... he had recevied sooo many cards in the mail and I kept hiding them ... eh was soo surprised to have gotten so many !! What sweet sweet family and friends we have... then we went out for his birthday dinner ( his choice) ...we went to Mikata's for sushi and salad... Matt had real deal sushi for the first time and he LOVED it!!! we had so much fun then we went and got Ice Cream since Matt had had cakes 2 nights in a row for his birthday already... Happy Birthday to the greatest man on earth :) .

Typical picture.... :) Matt with his eyes closed


ALL of His Cards

Monday, June 1, 2009


We had a Magic Party Saturday with Todd Mallery and THe BAXLEY clan!!! we had a blast we played the Wii for our pregame show and then we had fun watching the Magic dethrone King James!!!! WHOOP WHOOP

Matt and I like to make the same face ... ha

Then they stole the camera................

and this video is stinkin hilarious:

Anniversary Dinner

SOOO I forgot my camera when we went to PCB for our anniversary... I was soo soo upset that I spent ten bucks on a disposable and took 2 pictures iwht it... ha... oh well... I will be getting those pics developed soon until then here are the pictures from Friday night..

Since the Magic were playing on our actual anniversary we went out Friday night to OUTBACK to celebrate our anniversary... The first time we ever ate at the outback in Albany was when we were househunting.... we drove around all day long looking for a place that we never stopped to eat lunch... we were serious house hunters :)...ha.... so when we stopped for dinner we scarffed down every single bit of food ...Matt and I always joke about that meal our server brought us like 5 loaves of bread he must have thought we hadnt eaten for days... hahha oh well... now we made another special memory at this OUTBACK ! :)
Matt was scared because he was driving and I still wanted to snap another picture haha