Monday, June 1, 2009

Anniversary Dinner

SOOO I forgot my camera when we went to PCB for our anniversary... I was soo soo upset that I spent ten bucks on a disposable and took 2 pictures iwht it... ha... oh well... I will be getting those pics developed soon until then here are the pictures from Friday night..

Since the Magic were playing on our actual anniversary we went out Friday night to OUTBACK to celebrate our anniversary... The first time we ever ate at the outback in Albany was when we were househunting.... we drove around all day long looking for a place that we never stopped to eat lunch... we were serious house hunters :)...ha.... so when we stopped for dinner we scarffed down every single bit of food ...Matt and I always joke about that meal our server brought us like 5 loaves of bread he must have thought we hadnt eaten for days... hahha oh well... now we made another special memory at this OUTBACK ! :)
Matt was scared because he was driving and I still wanted to snap another picture haha

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