Thursday, May 28, 2009


One year ago this Saturday I married the greatest man on the planet. Matt Ruta... I remeber when when I met him it was the summer after I graduated in the hallway of TFA on my way to work at JCREW... he had long hair and his high school coach introduced us.... we never saw each other until the fall of that next year... he always hung out in my room and even put together a desk for me during teacher work week that year... we dated casually for like a month and then just stayed friends... and then the following fall after a day at disney with the-soon-to-be RAYS he realized he couldnt live life without me :) haha... and I am so so glad he realized that because in the following months I had the same realization and that February he put quite a large rock on my hand asking me to spend everyday and every night by his side.... this could not have made me a happier more blesed woman. He is an incredible man, husband, coach, son, brother in law and son in law , confidant, friend... I am a better woman because I got to have RUTA for a last name meaning he is mine. SO glad that 5.30.2008 changed my last name and my life forever

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Debbie said...

congrats....nat and matt!!! You two are such a cute and fun couple!!! Glad to know you!!