Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this precious boy

Me and Jenny with Kaleb

So I basically have great friends from High school ... JUFE ... :) hahaha yes I have such grea great girlfriends and we still see each other to this day between teaching, working, husbands and babies we still have time for each other.... well this is now the 6th child in the bunch... KALEB MICHAEL BIELSKI and he is a cutie at that!!!

I had made plans to go see him this past weekend and when the Valdosta State Basketball Camp was canceled Matt came too!! We had sooo much fun ... Friday night Matt went to TFA to catch up with everyone and Mom and I saw Hes Just Not That Into You.... then Saturday Mom took me shopping for my birthday and I got some of the greatest deals EVER!!! we had so so much fun... while we were there Matt found his favorite game of all times... Mexican Dominoes or something like that HE LOOOVEESS IT! ha... and then that night Rick Carrie and the kids came over for steaks that Matt grilled ( he did an awesome job)!! Sunday we went to church with the Rutas and then finally made our way over to see precious Kaleb!!


we will be in town yet again next week for the Tomlinson wedding extravaganza OH HOW MUCH FUN!!!

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