Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is Matt ready to get away for the weekend soooo excited to finally be going on our Christmas trip... we rented a cabin on Cold mountain as our Christmas Gift to each other
OUR CABIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt is super strong

our address!! 417

Breakfast on the deck!!! we only got to do this Friday morning it rained the rest of the weekend

THE VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to go on a hike that morning around the cabin....

Matt is a beast!!!

The hooks got in town Friday night and we went to dinner at the most fabulous restaurant in the whole world SWEET ONION!!!! sorry i forgot to take pics at dinner
THE WEEKEND WAS FULLL OF GUY TIME!!! i was sooo glad phil and laura got to come for the weekend!! Matt and Phil are basically brother and I had such a good time getting to know Laura better!!!

Morning we left

Kiss for the road!!!
on the way home we went to JCREW these were our faces pulling into the outlet center we were sooooo excited ... ok so Matt was playing around but still he was excited I got a shirt for 8 bucks!!! :)

We had sooo much fun!!!....

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Debbie said...

You guys are way too funny!!!!! Hop on over and look at my page.....we have to hook up on here you know!!!!