Wednesday, September 10, 2008


SO this past weekend we went on another road trip to TALLAHASSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt is a HUGGEE Seminole fan and last time we were hanging out with Rick and Carrie they talked about going to a Florida State game and bring the kids to show (...or manipulate them..... )
them what it means to be a seminole!!!
Charlie learned about the spear and the band and evie loved the beads and cheerleaders...
Matts parents came up too becuase Matt's dad played football at Western... That is why I was in purple and not Carries favorite colors garnet and gold sorry carrie :).....

With my two favorite lil NOLES :)
Can we all looka t Charlies face... its his MUSCLE face he has been doing it since he was a baby
In fron of the Stadium with Susan and John.. BEFORE THE RAIN
DURING THE GAME and tired of getting RAINED ON!!!
EVEN though we got rained out of the stadium twice and had MILLIONS of lightning delays it was still fun.... THANKS FOR A FUN WEEKEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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