Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ok so last night I went to Publix for dinners for this week...

We only needed three Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , (Friday we are having Matt's team over for a cookout and then going to the SCA football game together :) )

Soooo I tried to Buy 3 seven dollar meals....

Meal one ... We had this last night "fried" chicken , green beans, and sweet potatoe fries

Chicken ( I bought a package of 4 breasts and only used two) - 4.29 for the package so for this meal I used $2.15 of chicken. to make it "fried" I create a honey mixture dip it in that and dip it in crunched honey bunches of oats and bake it ...super delicious super low calorie
Sweet Potato- We one used one 99cents
Green Beans-I went with caned organic ... usually I opt for fresh but canned are less expensive and were pretty delicious... $1.23

Meal one- $4.37

Meal Two - TONIGHT!!! EGGPLANT PIZZA .... and yes eggplant is my very favorite food :) weird but true...

Eggplant.. I weighed three eggplants to find a one pounder :) I was so proud of myself this was a first-$1.83
Pesto- $1.69 ... its a package that you mix with olive oil ... delicious!!
Pinenuts- 2.89... this was a splurge but they are my favorite cooking item..I will only use half so I can count just half the price$1.45
cheese- already have this but I will count $1.00 worth of it

Meal Two-$8.66.....1.66 over ... bummer
Meal Three ... Spagetti Squash and Balsalmic Chicken
Diced Tomoatoes-$0.85
Chicken $2.15
Meal Three $7.83...83 cents over....

Since Meal one was $2.63 under...and meals two and three were over... I combined it all and I was still under 14 cents...


Shaw Family said...

Now I am inspired and hungry! Can you post your chicken recipes? They sound so yummy! Check out my blog soon as I have a friend who has found great sales/coupon blogs and I'm going to post them (that is when Jacob lets me have computer time without him in my lap!).

Strout Family said...

I am going to use those recipes. They sound delicious! Good job on your savings!

Natalie Ruta said...

thanks! I was so excited its all because of you!

Cody & LaRae Davenport said...

Oh how i miss Publix!!!

Taylor and Meagan Ethridge said...

I LOVE this! That is such a great wife thing to do, Nat! your an inspiration :)