Monday, September 8, 2008


SO I thought I would put some pictures that have never made it to the blog ....
Here is what the RUTAs were up to all summer

MATT PROPOSEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD this had to be the biggest surprise of my life... I never had any surprise birthday party growing up and found out about most of my Christmas gifts so It was a great first BIG surprise and I think it will always be the best :)))

After only three months of planning and stressing out my porr mother we got married!! YIPEEE
This is at our Rehearsal at Cypress Grove..

We had our Rehersal dinner at LIttle Magianos...

Melanie was the greatest MAID OF HONOR:)))

Then we were on our way to JAMAICAAAAAAAAA for our honeymoon we stayed at Sandals Montego Bay and had our own personal butler.... it was the greatest vacation ever:))
look at my super HOTT husband wheww...

Then in July B-ray (Matts best friend) got married to Sally Saulters.... actually it was because of one of their visits to Florida that Matt and I got back together... thanks Bray and Sally :)))

Of course since we were so close to Mississippi College Matt showed me where he swoooned all those college girls and where he owned the court as a CHOCTAW:))
Late in the summer the Talleys came to visit on their way to Alabama:))
I put this picture up to show you our beautiful townhome .... or club12 as we lovingly refer to it....

Needless to say it was a great summer and now we are on the road to happiness :))) and enjoying our marriage immensely... I mean how could you not when your husband is so stinkin cute.... The Albanian Rutas are truly enjoying life here in SOUTH GEORGIA home of heat and bugs.... Cant wait to see what this first year brings us!

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