Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What can I buy for seven dollars???

The goal for this week for me is to get 7 dollar meals at the grocery store... last night we had all veggies potatoes ( I already had those)... Black-eyed-peas ( 63 cents) ......Corn and Carrot mixture ( already had) and Broccoli ( $2.00)...SO last night was a grand total of 2.63 for dinner!!!

I am going shopping after I work out for the rest of the week hopefully I can make it happen:)) I was inspired by my friend Stephanie Strout who spent $60.00 at the grocery store.... I love trying to "beat my budget" each week... but it rarely happens when I get carried away in PUBLIX.... Matt claims it is my new favorite store

Is anyone else trying to beat their budget?? Got any good cheap dinner idea to share??

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Strout Family said...

You are so silly! But, I love you!