Monday, December 1, 2008


Saturday morning of thanksgiving weekend we woke up at 645 and went to BOOKS A MILLION... why you ask?!?! MIKE HUCKABEEEEEE was coming to ALBANY GA!!!! we had all bought books the day before during black friday shopping and we got there first in line to get a ticket to see the arkansas govenor.....It was such a fun fun experience... we first got there and saw no one else so we got coffee at mcdonalds and then went and waited in line... after we got tickets 1,2,3, and 4 we picked up matt at the house and then all went and ate the free hotel breakfast..... yummmmooo hot fresh waffles.... after breakfast we went back to books amillion to wait once again it was all worth it!! we were the very first people to see him it was sooo great and we got to tour his bus!!! whoo whooo!!!
This was carrie underwoods bus and this is were the filmed the DS comercail she is in!!!
He loves the office I knew exactly why I loved him!!

Ma wanted to steal Mike Huckabee's ride!!!

First sighting!!!
the cool shirts
his books
the line was sooooooooooo long!!!

soooo excited to meet huckabee!!!

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