Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last night we played WESTWOOD in Camilla..... about an hour from Albany.... I rode there with one of our families ( the Pittmans) and had a great time riding with them... we even got caught in the Camilla Christmad Parade ... so Bruce flashed his lights and we all waved out the window... hahah jk... but we did get behind some of the floats on a side road....

Some of our guys got in foul trouble last night..... we were only up ten going into the half... we scored 30 point in the 4th quarter and Matt pulled the starters with 3 minutes to go.... Cameron Williams scored 32 points he tied the school record for most points in a game.... too bad he got pulled early... GREAT NIGHT!!!!

Sherwood 85 Westwood 56

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Susie Harris said...

Hi Natlie! Thank you for your intrest in the signs. I would love to make one for you but it will have to be after Christmas. Im trying so hard to complete these last few orders and I made a promise to my family I would stash my brush till after the holidays. I hope you understand and get back with me as soon as the New Year rolls around. Thanks again and ps... yall are too too cute together, hehe!