Monday, November 10, 2008

SO much to say.....

I am so ovewhelmed by God right now... and even as I write that ... I feel so foolish... how can i doubt how BIG our God is ?? How can I not trust him to take care of my every need and even my wants?

I have this card over my computer at work that says::

Jehovah Jireh - GOD PROVIDES

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus" Phil 4:19

God is constantly providing for our family... there have been times of uncertianty and at the very moment I am doubting the most God comes through time and time again....

He comes at His time with His provision..... Everytime I am amazed at God and his plans and his ways.... a year ago who knew that I would be married to an amazing man who read scripture with me and prayed with me yesterday morning when we were both sick as sick could be ... and yet he took time and said let's seek our amazing God...

God has truly provided for our family so much!! Let us praise Him for His GLORIOUS riches.... I pray that is my desire HIS GLORIOUS RICHES and not the riches of this world that will waste and fade away!

" Trust in Him at all times people pour out your heart before Him GOD IS A REFUGE FOR US!!!"- Ps 62:8

"The words of the Lord are Flawless" - Ps 12:6

A song that I am singing in my heart right now::

Kari Jobe "The more I seek you"

The more i seek you,the more i find you The more i find you, the more I love you
I wanna sit at your feetdrink from the cup in your hand.Lay back against you and breath, here your heart beatThis love is so deep, it's more than I can stand.I melt in your peace, it's overwhelming

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