Friday, November 14, 2008

excuse me officer???

ok so on the post above I took that fabulous team picture sooo professional I know.... ok so there is a story... last night I had on some heels at the game... Matt asked me to take a team picture I obliged..... so as I am walking on the court to take the picture in my very cute heels ( had to impress the coach you know :) ).... a cop... yes A REAL LIFE COP C-O-P... the people who when they are in their cars terrify me because I think that I have always done something wrong when I see one.... ok I digress.... ok so this Cop comes straight up to me and he says.. ma'am I am going to have to ask you to get off the court.... I am like... was I speeding?!?! ... haha no I really didnt say that.... I said huh?? and just kind of looked confused... He said they dont like those heels on the court in ruins the floors I said well my husband is the coach and he asked me to take a picture ... He said the same thing one more time and I was like this is my husbands court... hes the coach Ill be off in one second promise...... He finally went back to his post....

Good thing I share a bed with the coach huh???... there are perks!

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