Monday, November 3, 2008

Cullawhee Weeknd Get-Away

This weekend Matts Dad was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Western Caroline in Cullawhee North Carolina one of the prettiest places I think I have eever been... Friday night we got there... (after I read the directions wrong and taking us an hour out of the way... opps )... Well when we finally got there Friday night there was a casual reception and a pining ceremony and I had a dead camera so I have no pictures from that night... We then went and hung out with some friends at the alumni house there on campus... Saturday morning we woke up went toa breakfast and the induction ceremony... Matts Childhood best friend Phil Hooks and his new wifey-poo Laura HOOKS!! came from charlotte to the ceremony!!
MR and MRS HOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John giving his speech!!! GREAT JOB!!
THE PLAQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok..... so Matt has his moms coloring... fair skin red hair.... thought he always looked like his momma.... can you please please please zoom in on this picture and atest to the fact that he looks like his dad with blond/red hair...... oh my word the picture there is John playing college football... its MATTT!!!! He thought it was soo funny I was shocked by this discovery... he kept saying Natalie he is MY dad!!!
John and his coach....
John and Larry McDOnald a hilarious man!!!!!!!!!!!
After the ceremony we went to the football game they played chattanoga and won 27-7!! WHHOOO WHOO GO CATS!!!
Sunday morning after trying to find a breakfast place open on Sunday we hit the road... and since Matt is married toa crazy girl who looovees to stop at random spots along the road gave in to stopping at two very fun places~!!!! As we were driving along the road I saw this produce stand.... side note... I LVOELOVE LOVE produce stands and farmers markets!!!....... ok so I saw this produce stand that wa PACKKKKEDD out!!! I said Matt they must have gold in their veggis... go back goo back!!! and he gave into his sweet endearing wifeyyyy..... We went back and saw that this was the very very last day they were open!! LUCKY US!!!
Here are the goods plus we got a BUSHEL of apples... I didnt know how much was a bushel until I had one gazillion apples in my sink.... I filled my fruit bowl with apples... made apple crisp and an apple pie and I still have 7 aiplock gallon baggies filled with apples in my fridge... my neighbors will be getting some happy thanksgiving pies soon:)
SECOND STOPP!!! We saw this one on the way up but because of my error in reading easy peasy mapquest directions we couldnt stopped... but I made sure of it we stopped on the way home... THE TALLULAH FALLS OVERLOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY WORD the pictures dont do it justice!!
I thought these flower pots that were cowboy boots were hilarious Matt didnt get the bootom of them but they were HUGE COWBOY BOOTS>... does it look like I am really waering them ??:)

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