Friday, February 13, 2009

will you be mine

oh gosh ... I love love..... just love it..... especially now being married.... I am ssooo glad I married a gushy mushy guy.... he might not want the whole world know it but he is.... he is always telling me I am beautiful... even when I have just washed my face and mascara is running down the front... even after I finish spinning class and I am possibly the most sweatiest human being.... even when I wake up after falling asleep with wet hair and it is all crazy and curly... yes even at my worst moments he tells me how beautiful I am to him.... he send me sweet and sometimes even sassy emails declaring his love for me while I am at work... He is mushy gushy and IIIII LOVE IT!!!!... because I love love... I love to see a dad buying something for his little girl that she has been asking for and he can't wait to see the look on her face because he just loves her and he always wants her to be happy... I love seing families laughing together... loving each other .....

Tomorrow is a day that our nation will celebrate love... there are little kids bringing sweets and cards to school today to share with their friends.... they will even bring a cupcake to that bully or to the outsider that they have been mean to ... today they will be kind .... tomorrow is a day where we hopefully love all the people around us and say you are vaulable you are worthy of love.... everyone is worthy of our love because they are made by God and that gives them value.... I am a jean snob.... I know I know... I am a budget friendly girl most of the week.... I dont spend more than 20 bucks on anything clothing related except when it comes to jeans..... and then I spend all the money I save on other clothes... oh gosh its bad....and why... I really do think there is a difference ... but I have been tricked before ... by a label... I have bought jeans that had one of the labels I love but they were an imposter a fake.... I thought those jeans where something but they were not.... but if we are alive and breathing we are made by God because he is the giver of life.... well we are all labeled by God... we are all made by HIM.... that means we all have VALUE.... WE ARE ALL WORHTY OF LOVE.... that weird girl ... the kid that eats glue... the cashier at walmart... the janitor at your work place.... the postman... the waitress ... EVERYONE... I want to be more intentional in making the people I come in contact realize their value.. you know stop and listen to them share a funny story with them let them know hey I am interested and let them know they are worthy of GOD'S LOVE and mine... even if I just met them.... I want to make them feel as good as this man makes me feel everyday

I want to see the beauty in each person I meet... and not see how long it took for her to bring out my food.... not see how he cut in front of me when I was running late... not see that weird spot on her face... not see the differences that I have with other people but their beauty and their value... think of it as...get ready for cheesiness..... happy valueable day... ok ok I now that is wayyy too cheesyyy....

know you are valueable

know you are loved

happy valentines day

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