Monday, February 9, 2009

What we are doing for the next three weeks

Today Matt was involved in a coin toss... we split with TIFT AREA ACADEMY.... so we were both tied for first place in region and a coin flip decided that we are the one seed in region tourney…

So this is what the Georgia RUTAS will be doing for the next three weeks....
This week:
Thursday @ Tift Area we will play at 8:30

Friday @ ABAC we will play at 8:30

Then Next week the games are Thursday(19th) and Saturday (20th)

If we win Friday we will play at 7:00pm at Brewton Parker on Feb 19th

If we loose this Friday we will play at 4:00pm at Brewton Parker on Feb 19th

Then if we win on Thursday the 19th…. We will either play at 1:00pm on the 20th or at 4:00pm on the 20th again at Brewton Parker

It all depends on this Friday’s game… PRAY THAT WE WIN!!!

If we win this Friday we play at 7:00 on the 19th and 4:00 on the 20th

And then if we loose Friday we play at 4:00 on the 19th and 1:00 on the 20th.
week 3:
The Final four is Friday Feb 27th at 4:00 or 5:30 @GA College & State Univ., Milledgeville (OUTSIDE ATLANTA)

And State championship game is Feb 28th at 5:00pm

so now you know where to find us... or you know why we arent answering our phone... we will be either stressed out or at a ball game... oh gosh we pray that God blesses our team with one more month of BASKETBALL!!!!!!

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