Monday, November 2, 2009


So I have been Missing in Action.... the new job has been keeping me CRAZY BUSY .. along with coaching the upwards cheerleaders... and basketball season starting up... and WE ARE MOVING!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

we found a house that is barely over 2yrs old to rent!!! with hardwood floors and a FIREPLACE!!! yeahhh is super de duper BEAUTIFUL!!! ill take lots of pitctures....

oh yeah that is the other thing my camera broke and well it took me a whiel to pick out a new one and we finally got a new one so Ill be able to post more pictures on here!!! whoop whoop

this weekend was a supppperrr BLAST!!!

FRIDAY NIGHT: The SCA football team ( this is the school where Matt coaches) WON THE REGION CHAMPIONSHIP fo rthe first time in SCHOOL HISTORY!!! talk about a great game!!! it was AWESOME!!! those boys played their hearts out.. there were some crying on their daddies shoulders after the game.... super intense!!!

SATURDAY: I ran my first 5k ever and I was 7th overall and the 2nd female ( yes I did get beat by a 64 yr old woman!!!) my time was 26 minutes hopefuly it will be improving .. i did get a pretty impressive trophy.. ha!! then we went to the FSU game with our good friends and had sooooooooooooooo much fun!!! I had to end up buying a FSU shirt because I wore a long sleeved one to the game and it was sooooo stinkin hot!!! we had soo much fun and stopped at Sonics after for HAPPY HOUR!

Sunday: was typical.. church NFL football and a late afternoon jog and this time it was in crisp 60 degree weather!!! I AM LOOOVVING FALL!!!

alright... off to lunch!!! Ill post pictures of my cheerleaders tomorrow!!!!

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